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The business of the CHUAN HUAT GROUP of Companies started in 1957 from a small enterprise business to a respectable group of companies headed by CHUAN HUAT RESOURCES BERHAD which is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 5 August 1997 and PINEAPPLE RESOURCES BERHAD listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on 31 January 2002.

The CHUAN HUAT GROUP divided into three core business, the main being the Building Hardware Division which is now a leading stockist of iron & steel, importer and exporter of structural steel and other construction & building materials in Malaysia. The Group also expanded to the value-adding activities of “Cut & Bend Rebar”, “Wire Mesh” and “EsyFence” welded security fencing to support the upstream operation of the steel and iron thus forming the backbone of the Steel Service Centre Division  The  Group IT Division has through the years intensify its presence in the industry through the setup of numerous retail outlets throughout, being the amongst the biggest IT retail chain in Malaysia.